Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Chocolate Boutique

What it is:  One day we were out exploring around the Morrisville area and we heard about a place called The Chocolate Boutique.  I have a little bit of a sweet tooth, and I know that the boys do, so we headed on over with a friend for a little treat.

It was in a big new shopping center in Morrisville which was fun to check out.  There were lots of restaurants and stores that might be worth stopping by.   But that day, our mission was chocolate.  So, we headed in.  The store was, of course filled will all sorts of delicious treats, chocolates of all shapes and sizes.  The kids were especially drawn to the glass containers of all sorts of little chocolate treats that you could pay for by weight.

I was eyeing the chocolates and truffles in the two display cases some made in house and some made by another local chocolate company and all looking delicious. I finally decided on a chocolate orange, a mint, and a caramel sea salt truffle (because I had to bring something home to my husband).  Our friends decided on a little pile of homemade peppermint patties.  My boys, much to my dismay, each chose a bag of Jelly Beans, but at least they were happy.

One of the most interesting parts of t he chocolate boutique was the fact that they offered parties, chocolate classes, and girls' nights out.  I thought that sounded like a super fun idea both for kids and adults.  You head in, get a demonstration, chocolate samples, and get to make your own chocolates from countless different molds on the wall.  What a different and fun idea!  You can bring in your own pizza, cake, wine, etc. and make it a real party.

Plus, it's nearby to a lot of our favorite near Durham haunts.  the Chocolate Boutique is about 3 miles from Lake Crabtree and Playnation, and only about a mile from Morrisville Community Park, so it would be the perfect outing to combine with some play time.

What we liked:  It's chocolate, what's not to like?  Plus, since you can get small chocolates, you don't have to spend much to get a fun treat for the kiddos.  I think the parties might also be a fun idea!

What we would change:  The store itself does have a lot of glass containers and display cases, so you would have to watch little ones while in the store.

Website and other information:


Address: Park West Village Shopping Center, 3308 Village Market Place, Morrisville, NC 27509




(...and more chocolates!!)

(a view of the inside of the shop)

(molds for parties)

(the party room)

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