Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fresh Market-Durham

There's a great new grocery store in the middle of Durham, and it just opened today!  There having lots of grand opening festivities this weekend!

What it is:  The Fresh Market is a store that's described as somewhere between the upscale style of Whole Foods and the full service selection at a Harris Teeter.  It's located in the Parkwood Plaza shopping center in an old Food Lion location.  Parkwood Plaza is off of University and has recently opened one of our other favorite stores-At Home.

When we headed over to check out Fresh Market today we had a great time.  The store looked beautiful as we walked in, filled with beautiful flowers, produce, a beautiful deli in the middle of the store, and more.  They have a small wine section as well as a meat section in the back.  There was a station to grind your own peanut butter, which I thought was fun.  They have a large selection of dried fruits and nuts, etc.  Their breads looks delicious.   There were lots of items that I will have to go back and try.

Prices seemed mixed.  For the most part, prices seemed a little higher than your typical grocery store.  But every once and a while we'd find a fabulous deal-like two crab cakes for 3 dollars!  So, I would just look around and see if you can snag any great deals.

For the grand opening, they were giving away free bags and offering a giveaway for a gift certificate that you could enter.  They also had lots of free samples to snack on as we walked around the store, so it's definitely worth stopping by during their grand opening celebration.

What we liked:  It's a beautiful store with a lot of delicious looking food.  While I don't think it will be the place I buy staples, it will definitely be a fun place to stop by and pick up some special treats.  As far as the kiddos, they will enjoy just looking at the colorful store layout, and they would enjoy grabbing some treats from their nut and candy dispensers.

What we would change:  As we said earlier, their selection is not as big as a typical grocery store, and their prices are a touch higher, but it's definitely worth stopping by and sampling the fun.

Website and other important information:


Address: 4215 University Drive, Durham


(a view from the outside)

(Mmmmm, treats)

(the wine section)

(make your own peanut butter)

(the deli)


(the produce section)

(Get your own cranberries from a cranberry bog.)

(olive station)

1 comment:

Meredith said...

I've been a TFM fan for many years and I agree - a place for specialty items, but not my place for weekly staples.
Be sure to check out their Tuesday sales each week!

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