Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Smallcakes winners!

Hi everyone!  Thanks to the fabulous generosity of Smallcakes, they increased our giveaway and decided to give a free cupcake to the top 25 people that commented on the previous post, YAY!

So, here are the names of the people that commented in time order of when they commented.  If you won, your comment is published.  If you didn't, your comment is not published.  If you won, just go in to Smallcakes, give them your name, and they'll give you a cupcake!  Please double check if your comment was one of the ones published because there are some duplicate name entries.

And the winners are: The Gaineys, Yda Balcazar, Emily, Gina Martinez, Mary Claire Somerville, Mary Elizabeth Maynard, Sara H, Amy @ Amy Hogan Photography, Eve Choi, Stephanie, Wendy Ferrara, rhg, Jessica, Mary Taylor, Jennifer, Erika Williamson, Gigi De la Torre, Andrew McGeary, Janice Giles, FIAMA, Sherri Nevius, Genevieve, yourmomdesigns, Lindsey, and Robin H.

If you didn't win, it's definitely worth stopping by anyway.  I know I'll be back to buy some delicious cupcakes for me and my family!  :)

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