Friday, February 5, 2016

Conservation Contest for Children

Did you know that your child can win an exciting contest simply by sitting down and putting thoughts to paper on how we can conserve in our lives? Well get started because the deadline is soon!

One of our longest running bloggers since the beginning, Melissa Rooney (now a published author at would like to tell you about the Durham Conservation Contests for grades 3 through 9. Get this: free entry; cash prizes; and entries due Feb 17th. Wanna know more? Here's Melissa.

"I am a DPS parent and an associate supervisor on Durham’s Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), which holds annual conservation contests for Durham kids. The winners and their teachers (or parents if homeschooled) receive cash prizes as well as certificates awarded at a dinner provided by the SWCD. My daughter won the poster contest when she was in 5th grade, and many of my daughter’s 6th-grade classmates placed or won in their contests the following year. In every case, it was a wonderful experience for all involved. Since then, I have witnessed dozens of students' and their teachers’ pleasure participating in this opportunity. Of course, most students are enticed by the cash prizes, but the finalists (and there are 3 per grade per contest) come away with so much more.

Due to the lack of entries this year, the deadline has been extended to Feb 17 (2016), which means that those who enter this year's contests may have even better chances of becoming finalists.

Please consider encouraging your kids to enter, and spread the word to teachers at your schools. If teachers cannot incorporate the contests (which incorporate core-curricula requirements) into their class assignments, please ask them to tell their students about these contests as soon as possible, so that any student who wants to enter has time to prepare a quality submission.

For your convenience, the brochures for each contest (poster, essay, slide-show, public speaking) are included below. Details can also be found at (middle of webpage; again, note that Feb 17, 2016, is the new deadline)."

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