Friday, November 4, 2016

Glowing Bunnies at NCMA!

Last night my family and I got to play with glowing giant bunny rabbits! Not every day you get to write that. It's true, and you can see them too at North Carolina Museum of Art's free public exhibition of Intrude that lasts through the 6th.

Australian artist Amanda Parer created these five giant (23 feet high the museum says) inflatable white rabbits, that are lit from within. It's a really special exhibit to witness, and an especially accessible way to introduce children to modern art. 

We got there after dark and while there were a lot of people there, they did have people
 directing parking and we were able to find a spot in the back. While parking wasn't bad for me, they do note: "Parking information: We're expecting large crowds at these hoppy hour. Once all parking spaces on the NCMA campus are filled, security staff will allow only cars with handicap parking and taxi/ride-share drop-offs. If the lots on our campus are full when you arrive, please use parking lots located along Reedy Creek Road across from the NCMA (right across Blue Ridge Road). There are available lots on either side of Reedy Creek. Please allow time to exit the grounds, and be mindful of pedestrians."
The walk is nice, and the new pathways around the extended parking area are very well done with hardy but manicured greenery. I would love to see it all in the light!

On the night we went they played classical music as an accompaniment, and Friday they will have Hip-hop I think? It's called "Trip-Hoppy Hour featuring SPCLGST" and there is also an artist meet and greet.

Did I mention there are food trucks and alcohol for purchase? The line for both the food trucks that were there when we went was longer than at most food truck rodeos, and for the weekend, they will have four instead of two, but the weekend will also be busier. Check the site for what food trucks on which night. Bringing your own food might be a good idea if you don't want to wait.

The kids had fun running around, and many people relaxed with blankets. I recommend getting there before dark, as the crowds are much smaller and there are lovely sights to behold as the sun sets (as this picture, credit Rock Piquet, shows). They allow dogs nearby but ask that they not go near the bunnies. One sharp paw could make a bunny... deflate!

Side note - why is the exhibit called Intrude? According to the exhibit page at NCMA's site, "In the artist’s "native Australia, rabbits are an out-of-control pest and have caused a great imbalance to the country’s endemic species. On the other hand, the rabbit also represents the fairytale animals from our childhood—a furry innocence, frolicking through idyllic fields. Intrude deliberately evokes this cutesy image with visual humor to lure visitors into the art, only to reveal the more serious environmental messages in the work." So engage older kiddos with these larger while there, because it truly is something to behold for people of all ages.

The outdoor exhibit culminates on November 6 with the NCMA Park Celebration. So see it now, before the bunnies hop away!

I absolutely love this video from the artist:

More on the exhibit:

Public Facebook Event for the Exhibit:

(919) 839-6262

When: Until 8pm each night, through Nov 6th

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