Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Dirty Dozen

The debate between organic versus non-organic foods has always been confusing to me. I just found this list online and it was helpful to me so I thought I would post it. It's a list of the top twelve foods that are most important to eat organic. From this website there's also a link to ten foods where eating organic does not make much of a difference.

Here's a quick list of the top 12 foods that they say should be eaten organic.

1. peaches
2. apples
3. sweet bell peppers
4. celery
5. nectarines
6. strawberries
7. cherries
8. kale
9. leafy greens
10. grapes
11. carrots
12. pears
* potatoes
* meat
* milk
* coffee

*These foods were also listed on the website, but not part of the "dirty dozen".

Here's the ten foods where they say it doesn't matter if you eat organic or not. I don't know why there are 15 items on their list.

1. sweet potato
2. tomatoes
3. broccoli
4. watermelon
5. papaya
6. eggplant
7. cabbage
8. kiwi
9. sweet peas
10. asparagus
11. mango
12. pineapple
13. sweet corn
14. avocado
15. onion

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