Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Durham Mothers' Club

What it is: The Durham Mothers' Club is one of the most valuable resources for a mom in Durham. Once you become a member of the club you access to their playgroups, playdates and social outings, and e-mails and archives. Once you join the group, they can place you in a playgroup with other kids your child's age that live in approximately the same area. They also plan activities for the whole group such as last week's trip to Planet Child. You can also access all of the e-mails that are sent out to the group and their archives of e-mails filled with advice and resources.

What we like: Since the Durham Mothers' Club has so many parts, there are lots of benefits. One of the most valuable parts for me is the access to the e-mails. People can e-mail with questions, advice, and items for sale. Many of these e-mails are very helpful. In addition, they also put out a preschool directory each year that confused parents can use to sort out the chaotic world of Durham preschools. To top it all off, even though the group is so large, they can place you in a playgroup of about 5-10 other kids so that you can really get to know some other moms in the area.

What we would change: If you do choose to receive e-mails from the list-serv, sometimes it can be a hassle to sort through a bunch of e-mails that do not interest you. In addition, since the group is so large, it is hard to feel connected to the group as a whole. This is compensated for, however, by the bonds that can be formed in your own small playgroup.

How to find it: To find out more about the Durham Mother's Club and join, simply go to their website:


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