Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bean Traders

What it is: Bean Traders is a coffee shop located in S. Durham near Southpoint mall. It sells coffees, other specialty drinks as well as some pastries and other snacks. This shop includes two different rooms for seating, one with a large, contained kids area in the back.

What we like: The kids area!! This coffee shop is unique because parents can go, have coffee, talk with their friends, or do some work while their kids play happily nearby. The kids area includes a playhouse, picnic table, several kids tables, other interactive play boards, and a few books. It also has several tables where adults can sit and monitor their children inside the contained area. In addition to the kids area, the staff is friendly every time we come in and very accommodating to parents. Starting Monday, February 1st they will also be offering a story time at 10:30 am.

What we would change: Parking out front can be tight. The shop is in a strip center that includes a gym, so parking can be crowded. Although it can be difficult to get parking right in front of the coffee shop, there is always extra parking in the same lot a little further away in the area for Harris Teeter.

Directions and website: Bean Traders is located just off Hwy. 54 in a shopping center called Homestead Market at the intersection with Fayetteville. They have two other locations-one on Ninth Street in Durham and another in Meadowmont Village in Chapel Hill, but we have never been to them. Let us know what they're like if you've been there.

249 W Nc Highway 54
Durham, NC 27713-2491
(919) 484-2499



1. The kids area

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