Thursday, January 28, 2010

Piney Wood

Park Amenities: This park has a lot to offer! There are three distinct play structure areas, one for the little guys with smaller slides and climbing areas, one that is very tall with a spiral slide, and one area with climbing nets and other structures for the older kids to climb on. There are also swings for the both the older and younger kids. The park is surrounded by trees so there's some nice shade. There's also benches and picnic tables. One of the big draws of the park is the dog park next to the playground.

What we like: This park is great just because of the variety of things for the kids to do. They can spend hours wandering in the woods, swinging, or playing on one of the play structures. There seem to be more choices than at some other parks. One of the most unique features is the dog park nearby. The kids love watching the dogs walk by to go into the park, heading up to the fence to watch them from there, or even heading into the entrance pen of the dog park where they can watch the dogs in a contained setting where they are still separated from them by a fence. The shade also makes this park nice on a summer day.

What we would change: While the dog park is a benefit in many ways, it can also be a nuisance. If your kids are like mine, they love dogs. Sometimes kids will see one go by when they are happily playing on the playground and try to run over and pet it. Even though all dogs that pass by are on leashes, parents still have to be watchful that their kids don't run off to pet a dog that may not want to be petted. Piney Wood can also be a little tricky to find. The first time I went there I actually got out of the car in the parking lot and couldn't see the playground. It's hidden behind the trees, but definitely worth the extra look to find it!

Directions and Website:

You can find the park which is located in South Durham near the Woodlake subdivision using the link above. Once you get to the park, turn in the entrance, then turn left. Once you turn left the parking lot for the playground will veer off to the right a little (don't take the dirt road that continues straight.) You'll see some buildings off to the left and some trees on the right. The playground is located behind the trees on the right accessed by a sidewalk that can be found at the far end of the parking lot.


1. The play area for small ones

2. The two larger play structures

3. Swings with a view of the wooded surroundings

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