Wednesday, January 6, 2010


What's there:
We visited the Chick-Fil-A by the Southpoint-area Target. Inside, you'll find nice high chairs (with tray liners!!!), comfortable tables and, most importantly, a play area. The space includes a padded bench for parents (also, it's set up with a window to several booths, so parents can theoretically monitor the space from there), a few wall toys and a climbing area that leads through a tunnel to a giant slide. Near the entrance to the top of the slide there's a car kids can sit in and overlook the play area. We've confirmed that the play area is designed for parents to play with their kids, so the weight limit is generous.

What we like:
Seriously, the restaurant is so clean I would almost let my child eat off the floor. Almost. Staff is friendly and helpful, and there's a nice variety of healthy (and unhealthy!) food for snacks or meals, including fruit and soft serve ice-cream. The wall games are entertaining for a variety of ages, and the slide is pretty cool. It's well-padded, so parents of new walkers need not worry. What's more, there's a fair amount of floor space, which gives it an open feel. Finally, I believe there's Wi-Fi. During off-peak hours, the restaurant and play area aren't too busy, especially since most groups cycle through fairly quickly.

What we found challenging:
Chick-Fil-A is best for a short playdate--probably an hour tops, including eating--so don't expect your child to be entertained all afternoon. Also, the play area can be a bit challenging for kids who want to climb, but aren't good at it yet. Even good climbers who are still pretty little could be intimidated by the slide, so if any of this describes your child, wear comfy clothing and plan to navigate the oversized stairs, tunnel and slide with your little one.

Website (includes a link to directions):

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