Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kidzu Children's Museum

What it is: Although Kidzu is called a museum it's really more like an interactive, indoor play area for kids. Located in Chapel Hill on Franklin Street, Kidzu is one room broken into many different activity zones. It is very colorfully decorated with a kitchen, building block zone, ball area, art area, and many, many more types of activities. Kidzu is appropriate for very young kids, with their special fenced in area for the little ones, as well as older children, with activities to make kids think and challenge them.

What we like: It is a great place to play when the weather is bad outside. There is so much to do and explore that it is difficult for the kids to get bored. One of the best parts about Kidzu is that it is free on Sunday afternoons from 1pm-5pm. While it can get a bit more crowded on these days, it is a great opportunity for the kids to come and have fun without having to pay money. Another advantage is that it is located on Franklin St. so that you can combine a trip to the museum with a bite out at one of the many restaurants nearby or just a sweet treat at nearby Locopops or Sugarland.

What we would change: The one negative about Kidzu as a bad weather alternative is the parking situation. The options are to park on the street or to park in one of several parking lots nearby in Chapel Hill. This can lead to a little walking which is uncomfortable if the weather is poor.

Directions and other important information: Kidzu is located in downtown Chapel Hill on Franklin street near the intersection with Columbia St.

Address: 105 E. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Hours: 10 am-5 pm Tuesday through Saturday, 1-5 Sunday, closed Monday

Admissions: $4 for adults and children over 2, free on Sundays.


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