Thursday, January 21, 2010


What it is: Locopops is a small unique chain of popsicle shops. These aren't just ordinary popsicles, they are based on Mexican style cream or water-based "paletas" with a variety of unique flavors. There are four different locations in the Triangle area including 1 in Durham.

What we like: We love the unique flavors! There are some regulars such as mexican chocolate (my favorite) and then guest flavors that change. Some of the ingredients that I have seen in their flavors include lavender, tomatoes, hibiscus, lemongrass, chili, pomegranate, etc. (Don't worry, they don't put all of these flavors together!) We also like how kid friendly the locations are. There is not a whole lot of furniture in the shops so you don't feel bad when your kids are running around and moving in between popsicle bites. Another benefit are the puppy popsicles in flavors like chicken. Great for a dog after a hot walk while their owners get some popsicles for people. I know they took them off the menu for a while, but I hope they're back on. Maybe someone could comment if they know for sure.

What we would change: We love this place, so there's not much we would change. They don't offer much to drink if anything, and after one of their cream popsicles I usually crave a big glass of water, so that would probably be the one thing that I would add.

How to find it:

Head to for the addresses of their 4 locations.

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