Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rockwood Park

Park Amenities: This park is well-shaded with huge trees surrounding all of the play equipment. It has two play structures, one large and one small for the younger kids. There are also swings as well as some rocking toys. The park also has a basketball court and trail surrounding it. There are lots of benches along the path next to the playground where parents can sit.

What we like:
We love the trail around the park. It's a feature that makes it unique from the other parks in the area. Kids can bring their bikes, tricycles, scooters, or anything else that rolls and scoot around and around on the path. We also really like the surroundings of the park. It's set back off any roads and surrounded by trees so toddlers are nicely contained with some grass to run around in. Another great benefit of this park is it's proximity to some great local restaurants. It's right around the corner from Q-Shack and Local Yogurt so you can easily stop by to get a bite to eat after your trip to the park.

What we don't like: The larger play structure is a bit dangerous for the little ones. There are few railings on the pathways so adults need to be up there with them. Also, since it is so far set back from the road, it would probably be better to go with friends on off hours. However, I have been there by myself before and felt completely safe.

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