Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oval Drive Park

What it is: Oval Drive Park is the neighborhood park for the Watts-Hillandale area. It got its name from Oval Drive which goes all around the park. Club Boulevard cuts through it, and the southern half usually has adult pick-up ball games, while the northern half is the kids' area. The park has a baseball pitch/play field, a cement track that goes around it, and multiple play structures and slides, as well as a small water feature for the kids to wet their feet in.

What we like about it: This is a very simple park, but because the neighborhood around it is tightly-knit and well-established, it always has a fun atmosphere around it, so my kids ask for this park more than any other. It is set in a bowl, so that it feels safe and set apart from the road, and the cement track allows kids to ride their bikes and scooters around and around and burn off a lot of energy. The big trees keep it in dappled shade. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Only Burger truck occasionally set up here, so if you keep an eye on it, it can be a great evening to get your food, claim a picnic table or piece of lawn, and kick back in the shade.

What we would change: There's a water run-off portion that they've placed large rocks into, and it seems to magnetically attract kids into the mud, or they pick up the rocks (and throw them, put them in the car, etc).

Website and Directions: Watts-Hillandale is so named because it is located between Hillandale Road and the former Watts Hospital (now the School of Science and Math). Oval Park is on Club Blvd midway between these two spots.

Website: http://www.ci.durham.nc.us/gis_apps/parkapp/park.cfm?selVal=park&ParkNam=Oval+Drive+Park


Oval Drive Park
1100 Oakland Avenue, Durham, NC
Durham, NC 27704


1. The playground

2. The playfield


Cameron and Megan said...

We love Oval Park...it is our 2nd favorite!
Our absolute favorite is Duke Park on 106 w. knox street! Check it out, you will LOVE it!

A Southern Accent said...

Yeah! Love Oval Park! My husband grew up right on Oval dr, so we like to take our son there and play - it really brings back memories for him! Just found your blog and would love to be added to your blog roll if possible!

Melissa said...

Just for others information, if you put in the address listed above (which is the same one as listed on the Durham Parks website), your GPS will take you to Northgate Park. But if you search for Oval Park Drive, it will take you to the correct location.

Anonymous said...

Could anyone tell me if your able to rent this park, for birthday party?

The Stir Crazy Moms said...

According to the Durham Parks and Rec website, you can reserve the picnic shelters if you want. Here's the number you can call to reserve them: (919) 560-4355, ext. 27202

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