Monday, June 14, 2010

Chubby's Tacos

What it is: Chubby's is a taco and other Mexican food restaurant with locations on 9th St., in Raleigh, and in the Woodcroft shopping center. It focuses on inexpensive tacos with unusual ingredients such as the El Pastor with pork and pineapple and the tilapia taco with chipotle cream sauce. While I have been to both locations, I am more familiar with the Woodcroft location, so I will focus the review on that one.

What we liked: First and foremost, we like the food! Since my child is a picky eater, he doesn't typically go for the unusual types of tacos that they serve there. However, they do a delicious quesadilla kids plate that he devours. That leaves the tacos for the grown ups, and I'm more than happy to eat several of those! There are pros and cons about the location. I would say that as a whole, I like it. I usually go with a group of several families, so we sit outside where there is more room. This makes it nice because the kids can get up and roam if they get antsy. I'll discuss the negatives of this below.

What we would change: The biggest drawback of Chubby's is the size of the interior. There is room to sit inside, but it gets crowded quickly, and it's difficult to fit several toddlers and all of their luggage in the restaurant. That's why we tend to sit outside. The negative about sitting outside is that the fairly busy parking lot is not too far away and if your child gets up and runs around you have to be pretty vigilant about them running out into traffic.

Website and other important information: The Chubby's that we reviewed here is located in the Woodcroft shopping center in South Durham at the intersection of Hwy. 751 and Hwy 54.


Address: 4711 Hope Valley Rd., Durham

Hours: Sunday: 12pm-9pm, Monday-Thursday: 11am-9pm, Saturday: 11am-Midnight


1. A view from the outside

2. A view of the inside


Anonymous said...

Yay! I just found your blog. A friend posted it on the TriangleMommies website.

What a great resource! So glad I found you.

Oh and we LOVE Chubby's too. Don't forget the free tacos on Friday!

@sweetbabboo said...

LOVE Chubbies. We go to the one on 9th Street and other than the limited space, we have NO complaints. My favorite part is the salsa bar. Yummo!


Anonymous said...

Free tacos on Friday?!? Is that still going on? Tell me more!

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