Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lickity Split

What it is: Lickity Split is a fabulous ice cream and hot dog parlor in Meadowmont in Chapel Hill. They offer 32 flavors of ice cream that can be eaten as is or used to make milkshakes, floats, or sundaes. They also offer low fat, sugar-free, and milk free options as well as a bountiful candy selection and hot dogs with a variety of toppings and side choices. Lickity Split reminded me of a typical old-fashioned, neighborhood ice cream parlor. It is extremely family friendly with a train set, selection of games to play, a TV, and quite a few childrens' books to keep your kids busy after they finish their sweet treat.

What we liked: The ice cream was delicious, but what made this ice cream parlor unique to us were the activities for children. The train table, games, books, and TV were very thoughtful additions that make the outing even more fun for the kids. I actually saw a child come in while we were there specifically wanting to play one of their games, not to get ice cream. We also like it's location in Meadowmont. You can stop by for a treat after eating at Brixx, the pizza restaurant next door or Carolina Cafe across the street. Or you could eat at Lickity Split after playing at the Meadowmont playground or the fabulous Meadowmont pool (see blog post) which are both located a short drive away. After eating ice cream you can wander the pedestrian-friendly streets and even look at the nearby fountain. (My toddler is obsessed with all fountains!)

What we would change: One thing I noticed about the location was that there didn't seem to be a whole lot of parking nearby. That being said, it might not be a problem because we have never had a problem finding a spot.

Website and other important information: Lickity Split is located in Meadowmont in Chapel Hill off of Hwy. 54.

Address: 503 Meadowmont Village Circle, Chapel Hill, NC 27517-7585

Phone Number: (919) 929-8402



1. The storefront in Meadowmont

2. The ice cream counter

3. The candy selection

4. The kids' area

5. The fountain

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