Thursday, June 17, 2010

Orange Leaf

What it is: Orange Leaf is a frozen yogurt shop in Chapel Hill. They have self-serve yogurt in a variety of flavors. These can be combined with a wide assortment of toppings. Each customer pays by weight of their bowl no matter how many toppings or flavors are included. The yogurt can be enjoyed at one of several modern tables indoors or outdoor seating outside of the restaurant.

What we liked: We loved the self-serve aspect of the shop. My child definitely enjoyed picking out his flavor of yogurt and helping me dish it out. He also loved having control of the amount of toppings added. While self-serve could be messy, we were pleased to notice a shop employee keeping that area clean after the customers passed through. In addition, the yogurt and toppings were delicious. I tried a pomegranate yogurt with granola and strawberries, and I really enjoyed the lightness of the granola. The seating areas were great for my toddler because they were low to the ground and fun for him to wiggle around on.

What we would change: The biggest drawback of this place it its distance from Durham. It took us 20-30 minutes to get there from the Southpoint area so it's not a trip we can make easily. In addition, there's not a lot of seating inside which could be a problem when it's crowded.

Website and other important information:
Orange Leaf is located in Chapel Hill off of Weaver Dairy Rd.


Address and Phone Number: 1129 Weaver Dairy Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 537-8229


1. The storefront

2. The interior of the shop

3. Yogurts for all tastes-chocolate with gummy bears and M&M's, vanilla with strawberries, kiwi, and blackberries, and pomegranate with strawberries and granola

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Laura said...

I can usually make it to the #266 exit on I-40 for this shopping center in <15 minutes from Southpoint...

Make it a lunch or dinner out and go to Margaret's Cantina - YUMMY! Awesome, fresh, southwestern food. My son could eat their guacamole, black beans & rice almost every day. Son #2 is feeling the same way as he starts to eat food.

Or date night dinner at Margaret's, Sage (good vegetarian) or Queen of Sheba (delicious Ethopian restaurant) there, dessert at Orange Leaf, a coffee at Cup A Joe and a cool movie at the Chelsea Theater. For a little strip mall this place has great options + frequenting nice local businesses.

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