Thursday, June 10, 2010

Southwest Regional Library, Reopened

What it is: Southwest Regional is a local library geared towards community outreach, kids, and casual (i.e. lots of fiction and books-on-tape) reading. On May 24, 2010 it reopened, fully remodeled.

What we liked: This library is a great place to wander around even if your toddler refuses to sit still and read a book. There's a large running-around space as you enter, lots of steps and benches, and manicured lawns outside. It seems that most of the entire left wing of the library is devoted to children. There is a small childrens' reading nook with ever-exciting foamy chairs, a sitting area with paper and crayons already laid out, a room devoted to story-time, and of course...lots and lots of kids' books. And for the parents, the rest of the library has a great selection of fiction, books-on-tape, and popular non-fiction.

What we would change: This library is *like* brand new and still working out the kinks. Some patrons have had trouble getting their cards to work and there seems to be a tiny bit of confusion about event-scheduling here and there. We've also heard that story-time wasn't nearly as lively as Parkwood's (but they are difficult to complete with).

Website and other important information: The library is located on Shannon Rd., right off of MLK.

(the site hasn't really been updated since the reopen.)


1. Entrance (go left for kids' stuff)

2. childrens' reading nook

3. tables set up for impromptu coloring/craft sessions

4. the storytime room

5. a nice little area for snacks away from the books

6. perusing the (childrens' books) stacks


Rasmussen Family said...

I attended story time last week and I have to agree it's not NEARLY as good as Parkwood. I have a 2 year old and she struggled with the 3 books read. They did song, book, song, book, song, book and then bubbles. The older kids enjoyed it much more than my 2 year old. The library itself is great. I just don't think we will be back for storytime.

SfChick04 said...

I went to this library this week (July 14th) at 2 pm and I couldn't find a place to park - its really crowded, and I had to wait, circling the parking lot for 10 minutes before I could park. I think now that Parkwood is closed, this library is too crowded, and they don't have the capacity for all of the people coming.

The Stir Crazy Moms said...

Thanks for your comments! I haven't been on the weekend, but I was just there today. I could find parking, but I think you're right that there are too many people there because most of the books that we were looking for were checked out. Hopefully this situation will improve when the South Regional Branch opens at the end of July to replace Parkwood!

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