Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Woodcroft Playground

What it is: Woodcroft Playground is a play area located in the Woodcroft neighborhood next to their pool. It is a smaller playground with some unique play equipment geared toward slightly older toddlers and children. There are three slides, two of which are pretty tall, and the other is made of a series of pipes set parallel to each other. There's also a bridge, and some interesting monkey bars and other hanging structures. It is set in an area next door to the Woodcroft pool and near access to the Woodcroft walking trails.

What we liked: This play area is nice because it is a little different. My child loved the pipe slide, and I can imagine that older kids would really enjoy the monkey bars and other hanging structures. It is also in a great location. If your child gets tired of the play area there's access to the walking trails right next to the playground. It's also next to a storage area for construction equipment, boats, and other vehicles. Toddlers definitely enjoy hanging on the fence and taking a look at all the vehicles.

What we would change: Since the playground seems geared toward a little older children, it might not be good for the youngest or most timid toddlers. Much of the structure is tall, and there are no swings to play on. Plus, it can get pretty buggy in the summer. It's location next to the pool can be problematic if your child likes to swim because you can't get to the play area without passing next to the pool.

Website and other important information: The playground is located off of Woodcroft Parkway in the Woodcroft subdivision is South Durham.

Website: http://www.woodcroftclub.org/ (This is the website for the Woodcroft club. The playground is located in this complex, but this website doesn't have any specific information about the playground.)


1. A view of the playground

2. The trail access from the playground

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Allison said...

We love the playground! And the trails are great for walking. Healthy Moms use to (and still might) do a power stroll class there and it was always fun to let the kids play befor or after class.

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