Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Family Center of Northern Durham

What it is: The Family Center of Northern Durham is a non-profit whose aim is to provide family services. On Friday mornings, they offer an open-play session that is open to all, for a nominal fee. The play room is superbly well-equipped, with two guinea pigs to pet, and an aquarium, a crawling-space for the teeny ones, dress-up clothes, construction toys, stickers and markers, play-dough, a reading corner, a puppet stage... and the center's coordinator offers a make-and-take craft that's really well-designed and age-appropriate.

What we liked:
There is so much in the one contained space that it's hard for kids to be bored! The coordinator is extremely talented at handling young children cheerfully and lovingly. On the day we went, the coordinator had gathered up small bottles and dyed sand to make colored strata; my usually rambunctious two sat peacefully for 30 minutes filling their bottles with layers of colored sand. There's very little trouble the kids can get into in this space, and if the weather looks iffy, this is a great option to make the time go by.

What we would change:
We just wish it were open every day! On occasion, the craft may involve dyeing a T-shirt, and you would need to bring an item for the craft.

Website and other important information:

Friday Play Mornings are held every Friday from 9:30 am to noon.

Location: on the south side entrance of Northgate Presbyterian Church, 2502 North Roxboro Street, Durham, NC 27704, (919) 627-7405. Ring the bell to be let in.


Cost of the Friday Play Mornings: $5/child or $6/family.

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