Monday, July 12, 2010

Pop's Backdoor South

What it is: Pop's Backdoor South is a new restaurant in the same family as Durham's well-known Pop's restaurant in Brightleaf Square.  Pop's Backdoor South is located near the South Square area of Durham in the Hope Valley Square shopping center with the newly renovated post office.  The shopping center is really taking off, with several new restaurants opening soon.  Pop's Backdoor is a pizza place serving pizzas and calzones, both in-store and for delivery, with a little bit of a twist.  While they offer the option to pick your own toppings and go with the standard cheese and pepperoni, their signature pizzas offer such gourmet ingredients as honey chevre and truffle oil.  You order at the counter and then wait for your pizzas to be freshly created.  It is then brought to your table to be enjoyed.

What we liked:  There were two parts of Pops Backdoor South that stood out when we were there.  First, while we waited for our pizzas to arrive, they had a little play area at the front of the restaurant where our toddler could play!  The area was little but had some neat play wooden pizzas complete with toppings you could velcro on as well as a collection of other toys.  In addition, when our kids meal pizza came it was HUGE!  It was a 10-inch pizza that would probably take my son 4 meals or more to eat all of.  He enjoyed several pieces, and the rest came home with us for leftovers.

What we would change: There were only two booths in the restaurant and the rest were tables spaced fairly closely to one another, so we thought that seating might be a bit crowded with all of a toddler's luggage when the restaurant is busy.  In addition, the wait time to get the pizzas was a little longer than I thought, but the freshness of the crusts made it definitely worth it!

Website and other important information: Pop's Backdoor South is located near the South Square area of Durham off of Shannon Rd.


Address: 3711 Shannon Road, Durham, NC

Phone: 919-493-0169

Hours: 11am-?? Daily


1. A view of the outside of the restaurant-Notice the beautiful stroller handle in the foreground.

2. The interior of the restaurant

3. The kids' area

4. The "kids" cheese pizza

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