Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Melting Pot

So, we have written countless entries about activities for parents and kids in the area.  It's always great to have fun things to do during the day with your children.  However, we have come to realize that we also need time to get out without the kids, time to be by yourself or with your other adult friends.  So, our new section is Just for Moms.  We wanted to tell you about a few things in the area where you can get away for an easy day or night out.  Enjoy, and please, as always, let us know if you have any places to add to our list!

What it is: The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant located across the street from Southpoint Mall in South Durham.  The serve appetizers, salads, main courses, and dessert as well as a wide variety of drinks.  You can head over there for a whole dinner from the cheese appetizer first course, to salad, to the meat course  cooked in broth or oil with several dipping sauces, and finished with chocolate fondue.  They call all of these courses together the "Big Night Out".  If you don't want every course you can pick and choose the courses you want.  If you only want to come in for dessert fondue and drinks, that is definitely an option.  The fondue is served in dishes placed on burners at your table to keep it warm.  You then receive a wide variety of yummy munchies suitable for dipping.

What we liked: We love to head over there after the kids are asleep for some dessert and drinks with the girls.  The chocolate is delicious and even if you don't want an alcoholic drink, they can make you a fun nonalcoholic one.  When I went while I was pregnant they made me a blackberry-sage drink that was delicious!  The "Big Night Out"  is also a great way to have a long night out for a date.  It's a long dinner and they even have private booths with curtains for privacy. 

In addition, they have several great deals worked out with the neighboring Green Kids drop-off child care business next door.  The same people own both establishments.  They have three different deals.  First, if you would like to head to The Melting Pot to enjoy their "Big Night Out" full course dinner on Monday-Thursday from 5-6:30, you can get 2 free hours of child care at Green Kids.  Secondly, if you buy any package deal at Green Kids and pay the $25 registration fee, you get a $25 gift card to The Melting Pot.  Finally, if you buy the biggest package at Green Kids, you get a free "Big Night Out" at The Melting Pot.  We will be posting on Green Kids soon, I haven't been myself, but I've heard good things from another Stir Crazy Mom.  (Call Green Kids or The Melting Pot for specific details on these offers.)

What we would change: While it is fairly affordable just for a night of dinner and drinks, a full dinner such as the "Big Night Out" can be quite expensive.  However, they do have a Ladies' Night on Thursday where you can get cheese fondue, salad, and dessert fondue for $19 and $5 martinis. 

Website and other important information:


Address: 7011 Fayetteville Road, Suite 101, Across from Southpoint Mall. Next to Hilton Garden Inn,
Durham, NC 27713

Phone Number: (919) 544-6358

Hours: Mon-Thurs: 5pm - 10pm, Friday: 5pm - 11pm, Saturday: 4pm - 11pm, Sunday: 4pm-10pm


1. A view of the table 

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Anonymous said...

I went there with my 2 kids and my friend and we loved it!! The food was amazing and the fact that we got to cook our own main dish in the fondue pot was a good experience. Very friendly people there(durham,nc)overall just great!! Can't wait to go back

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