Thursday, September 16, 2010

American Village Park

What it is: Thanks so much for Anna and the South Durham Moms' Meetup for introducing us to this new playground!  The American Village Park and playground is located in a neighborhood in Northwest Durham near the intersection of I-85 and 15-501.  Upon first glance it seems like a fairly small playground, but it had a lot to keep my toddler occupied.  The play equipment is smaller and definitely made for younger children.  There is one small play structure next to a smaller little house.  This play structure is in a sandbox filled with donated construction vehicles and tricycles.  The sandbox also has a four-way seesaw which is a pretty unique item for the playgrounds around here.  There is a large shelter with picnic tables and lots of grass with paths for riding tricycles.  There are also a few bouncy toys to ride on, and bucket and regular swings in the back of the playground.

What we liked: We liked how the playground was made specifically for younger children.  In addition, one of the most unique parts of this playground was all of the donated toys.  This way, you don't have to worry about bringing your own tricycle.  In addition, the playground was surrounded by beautiful tall trees, so it felt fairly cool even on the hot day that we were there.

What we would change: While it's nice that the playground is smaller, it's also a drawback for those adventurous toddlers who want bigger bolder playstructures and equipment to climb on.  In addition, the only parking available is street parking which for fairly crowded while we were there.

Website and other imporant information: 


Address: 4703 AMERICAN DRIVE 27705


1.The play structure and sand area

2. The seesaw with the swings in the background

3. The picnic shelter

4. A view back through the trees

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