Friday, September 17, 2010

Top 5 Museums

So, over the past several months we've been polling our readers on their favorite places in Durham.  If you've read the blog for any time at all, you may have even voted!  The poll is usually in the sidebar of the blog.  Our most recent poll was asking people to vote for their favorite museum in the area.  On previous polls we've had a pretty clear top five and a pretty clear winner.  This one turned out a bit differently, so we don't quite have a top 5.  We had a VERY clear winner, but no clear preferences after that.  This is what we found.

Our reader's favorite museum in the area by far with an incredible 76% of the vote was:


Coming in a clear second with 13% of the vote was:


While no one else got more than a few votes, other museums who did at least receive one vote were:

Kidzu Children's Museum, The North Carolina Museum of Natural Science, The North Carolina Museum of Art, and The Natural Science Center of Greensboro

Our next poll will be up shortly so keep checking and vote for your favorite!

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