Sunday, September 19, 2010

Durham Public Library Bookmobile

What it is: We headed out to a park last week.  While we were playing we were surprised to see a bus pull up next to the playground.  The best part was, the bus was full of books!  It was the Durham Public Library Bookmobile.  I didn't even know that the library system had a bookmobile, so my little family all headed over to check it out.  Turns out it was just like it sounds, a little library within the bus containing over 5,000 books.  There were books of all levels, in Spanish and English, and even a circulation desk to check out the books.  All you needed was a library card!  (Too bad my toddler had been playing with mine that day and it was floating somewhere around our house instead of in my wallet!) 

The bookmobile heads out six days a week to various locations around Durham.  In the mornings, they are typically at preschools.  However, in the afternoon and Saturdays they head out to different neighborhoods in the area including  American Village, Rochelle Manor/Colony Manor, Downing Creek, East Durham, and others.  Check their calendar for all of their locations to see if they will be at a spot near you soon!

What we liked: We love that there is a way for all of the community to have access to libraries whether they can get to a physical location or not.  The bookmobile is even handicapped accessible!  We also loved how cozy the bookmobile felt.  The staff is friendly and ready to help, and there are benches where you and your child can stop and read for a while. 

What we would change: If we could, we would have more bookmobiles to reach more corners of Durham!

Website and other important information: 


Contact Number: (919) 560-0155


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