Friday, September 24, 2010

Hope Valley Farms Playground

What it is: It's amazing how many great playground there are in this area.  Just when you think you've found all of them, another one appears.  Hope Valley Farms Playground has a wide variety of play equipment that will appeal to many ages, interests, and abilities of kids.  This playground is located in Hope Valley Farms next to the pool and clubhouse off of Roxboro.  It consists of two separate play areas connected by a walking path and completely surrounded by a fence.  The upper play area is a large play structure with slides.  The lower play area is a bit more unique.  There are numerous climbing structures, some rocking horses, picnic tables, and several swings. 

What we liked: The best part of this playground was the fence completely surrounding it.  This way your kids can run more freely.  In addition, it is in the woods, so there is a lot of good shade to be had, especially on the lower playground.  In addition, the fact that there are two structures means there is a lot to keep your kids interested. 

What we would change: One of the playgrounds is located down a hill from the other one.  Therefore, the lower area is not stroller friendly.  In addition, you will have to keep a hand on your little toddlers going down the stairs because they are a bit large and easy to stumble on.

Address: 4818 S. Roxboro St, Durham,  NC  27713


1. The upper play area

2. The lower play area in the trees

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