Saturday, October 30, 2010

Burch Avenue Park

What it is: Thanks to one of our readers for recommending this great new park for us to check out!  It is located near Duke in a nearby neighborhood.  The park includes a large play structure and a swing set with bucket and regular swings.  There's also a school bus for kids to climb in and drive as well as a bouncy horse and spinning pole that my son loved.  There are several musical instrument walls for kids to explore and a stage at the back of the playground for kids to demonstrate their creative sides.  There are picnic tables as well as a fence around the entire playground.  One of the unique parts of this park is the fact that it is very newly renovated in 2010 by Kaboom, an organization focused on building playgrounds for children in the neighbor hoods where they live, so all of the equipment is in great condition.

What we liked: We liked some of the more unique aspects of the park including the school bus, spinning pole, and stage in the back.  It's always nice when you find some different and unique parts of a playground that you don't see at every playground.  In addition, the fence around the playground makes it easier to keep your eye on a quick-moving toddler. 

What we would change: The actual play structure itself was very large and seemed to be built for older kids than my two year-old.  In addition, parking was street parking in a neighborhood which can be tricky if it is a busy day at the park.

Website and other important information: Burch Avenue Park is located on Burch Ave. just off of Buchanan near Duke.


Address: 816 BURCH AVENUE 27712


1. A view of the play structure and school bus

2. The stage

3. A view from the stage back towards the playground

*Images from Kaboom

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