Sunday, October 17, 2010

La Monarcha

What it is: Our whole family loves these treats, so we were excited when one of our readers recommended La Monarcha.  Another local popsicle place that makes delicious, creative sweet treats.  It was an adventure to find it tucked away in a shopping center just North of I-85 off of Roxboro.  We had to actually drive through the shopping center several times before we noticed the colorfully decorated windows advertising La Monarcha.

When we headed in, we were amazed by the sheer choice in flavors.  There were rows upon rows of popsicle choices as well as ice cream (36 flavors in ice cream and 32 flavors in popsicles).  The flavors weren't labeled so we spent a few minutes asking the owner what everything was and asking for numerous samples of the ice cream flavors.  They had a little of everything, from chocolate and chile to fresh fruits.  Since all of the ice cream and popsicles are made in the store, we really couldn't go wrong.  I opted for the mango-chile popsicle, my friend had the vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, and my son, of course, went for the chocolate ice cream.  I actually went back for seconds to sample the cookies and cream ice cream, and every flavor was well-made and delicious.  The ice cream was especially thick and creamy.

What we liked: The selection was great, so many unique and fun flavors to choose from, and the quality of what we got was wonderful.  Plus, we didn't have to choose between going to a popsicle  or ice cream shop, everyone could get what they wanted at La Monarcha.  Their prices were reasonable and the owner was nice, helpful, and very patient with us as we debated the many flavors.

What we would change: Since none of the flavors were labeled, it was challenging to figure out what we wanted and would have been even more difficult without the help of the owner, and there were even some he was unable to translate into English.  In addition, the location wasn't in the best part of town, so I felt more comfortable going with a friend.  That being said, I felt completely safe having my friend and two young children in the restaurant.  And, while the mango-chile popsicle was really good, they weren't kidding when they said "chile".  There wasn't just a hint of spice, it made my mouth burn.  So, make sure you want the heat if you choose that option.

Website and other important information:

Website: While they don't have a website that I could find, you can read another review at:

Address: 2000-P Avondale Drive, Durham, NC 27704
Phone Number: (919) 491-1161


1. The rainbow assortment of popsicles

 2. The interior

3. The decorated windows

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