Saturday, October 16, 2010

Neuse River Valley Model Railroad Club, Inc.

What it is: This is the clubhouse for a group of train enthusiasts who are open for the public on weekends.  They have many detailed models of trains at different scales, including two different scales of Thomas the Tank Engine.  All trains are controlled by the visitors, with either a push button, or a very intricate controller.  They have also created beautiful sceneries to go around the trains, all to scale.  There is even a swimming pool with people swimming in it.  Also, on November 6th and 7th, they will be having an annual show and sale at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, where there will be a full scale Thomas the Tank Engine to see.

What we liked: My toddler loved being able to push the button to make Thomas and Percy chug around a replica model of the Island of Sodor.  The whole Thomas layout was behind a sheet of plexiglass, which was great, because otherwise my toddler would have been trying to grab Thomas.  The whole time we were there, my toddler stayed at the Thomas the Train, saying “Choo-Choo!” and doing the train whistle pull with his hand.  Any child who loves trains would definitely love to visit the trains here.  The members of the club were also very friendly and ready to answer any questions we might have about trains.  We have a preschooler who looked at some of the smaller trains, in very big layouts, and it was nice that for those tables, they were a little higher up, and had step stools for them to be able to see.

What we would change:
Some of the smaller scale models are easy for little hands to grab (and potentially break), so if your toddler doesn’t want to stay at Thomas the whole time, you will have to make sure to watch them very closely.  Also, the smaller Percy was in the engine shed for repairs, and my toddler was sad that that one didn’t work.
Website and other important information:



Hours:  Open House 10 am- 5 pm on Saturdays, 1 pm-5 pm on Sundays.  Club Meeting 7 pm -9pm on Wednesdays

26 Annual Model Train Railroadiana Show and Sale: .  Nov 6 & 7, open 9am-5pm both days at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh

Address:  1001 Airport Blvd, Morrisville, NC, Suite 120 in the Morrisville Outlet Mall



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