Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nordstrom Cafe Bistro

What it is: We've been to Southpoint Mall countless times, and we had never discovered this little gem.  Hidden up in the back corner of Nordstrom behind the brightly colored Juniors section, sits the Nordstrom Cafe Bistro.  We headed up there this week and had a wonderful experience!  The atmosphere felt like we were at a little finer dining establishment than the other locations inside the main building of the mall.  However, at the same time, they made us feel welcome with our 4 children under the age of 3! 

The food was a little fancy, but the kids' meals were completely appropriate for our toddlers.  The adults had the bistro club, the cilantro-lime shrimp salad, and fries.  The kids had a cheese and fruit plate (with types of cheese and fruit that toddlers would actually eat) and a grilled cheese sandwich which both came with a beverage.  There were also several other kid-friendly items on the kids' menu.  I thought the fries that we ordered were a good example of what kind of restaurant it was.  While they were simple french fries they were dressed up by being put in a decorative spiral cone filled with a paper wrapping.  They had the ketchup for my toddler and a tapanade aioli dipping sauce for the more grown up palates. 

Another great part of the restaurant was the seating.  They had several large circular booths in the corners.  These were great for kid seating.  The adults could sit on the outside to keep the kids contained on the inside.  The kids could play a little in the booths and not disturb the other patrons or get out and run around the restaurant.
What we liked: We liked the quality of the food.  It was good and felt a bit nicer than the normal places we would head out with our kids.  However, they were very kid-friendly and even provided crayons an paper for the kids.

What we would change: The major drawback is the price.  It is a bit expensive for a lunch out with the kids (My salad was about $13, and the kids' meal was around $5.)

Website and other important information:


Where to find it: Simply head upstairs in the Nordstrom at Southpoint Mall.  Then, head behind the juniors section and look for the overhead sign for the Bistro.

Phone Number: 919.806.3700

Hours: Mon - Sat: 11am - 8pm, Sun: Noon - 6pm


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