Monday, October 18, 2010

Westover Park

What it is: Another day, another visit to a great Durham park.  This one was in North Durham.  Westover Park is an unexpected green hideaway just off of Guess Rd. south of I-85.  It looks like it has been recently renovated and includes a set of swings (regular and bucket), a small play structure with slides, a large jungle gym, and a rock wall to climb.  It also has a large grassy area with ample room for the kids to run.  At one end was access to part of what looks like the American Tobacco Trail.

What we liked: We liked how this park felt quiet and secluded even though it was off a very busy road.  We also liked how it was newly renovated, including astroturf under all the the play structures.  There was also a fence surrounding several sides to keep the children a little more protected from traffic.

What we would change: As we said earlier, this park is located next to several busy streets, so you need to make sure your kids don't get too close to the streets.

Website and other important information: 


Address: 1900 MARYLAND AVENUE 27705


1. jungle gym and rock climbing structure

2. Swings and play structure

3. Grassy area

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Anonymous said...

We were delighted to discover that if you follow the Ellerbee Creek Trail out of Westover Park, you end up at another playground! Indian Trail Park is a nice walk or bike ride away from Westover, and while it doesn't have swings, it does have some fun riding toys for toddlers, and it's nice and shady.

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