Friday, November 26, 2010

Climbing Blocks at the Art Council (A true hidden treasure)

What is is: While the Holiday Art Walk was entertaining for our two-year old for the majority of the time, by the time we got to the Durham Arts Council on Morris St. he had had enough.  He wanted out of the stroller and was ready to move his feet a little bit.  However, since we were in downtown Durham we really couldn't find many places where it was safe to let him roam.  When we stepped out of the Arts Council, grumpy toddler in tow, we found what we were looking for, a small grassy area filled with stone blocks perfect for toddler climbing.  My son had such a good time climbing around with other kids that the next difficulty came in getting him to leave when it was time to head to lunch.  While people wouldn't head to this spot as it's own outing, it can be a great little time out for the kids after or in between other outings downtown.

What we liked: It was the perfect hidden spot to play hidden in downtown!  The grass under the block sculptures made toddler jumping a safer activity.

What we would change: It's a small area, and there is a street off to one side, so it's not someplace that toddlers and kids could play independently.  Parents have to keep a close eye on where they are roaming.

Important Information: The climbing blocks at the Arts Council are located at the corner of Morris and Morgan Streets, directly behind the Carolina Theatre and the Marriot Civic Center.


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