Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dame's Chicken and Waffles

What it is: This new restaurant is a fabulous addition to downtown Durham.  In a fairly unmarked spot on Main St with only a sign in the window for identification.  When we walk by, we frequently see people looking at the menu on the door and asking, "Chicken and waffles?  Together?  Is that good?"  We were wondering the same thing, and the answer is an emphatic yes!

Dame's serves chicken and waffles with a variety of sides, and that's it.  The have several different types of waffles, a couple of different preparations of chicken, and a selection of flavored butters and spreads called "shmears".  They combine them all into delicious creations.  I enjoyed the sweet potato waffle with fried chicken, orange butter, a dijon sauce, and syrup. I mixed it all together, and it was delicious!  My husband also enjoyed his blueberry waffles, chicken wings, and hot sauce.  The quality of their food is fantastic and my son ate almost all of his plain waffle with syrup.

What we liked:  The quality of the food is really good, and it's certainly unique.  We like how they only focus on what they do well, and they can make it simply enough for the kids to enjoy.

What we would change: The service is fairly slow, but if you can keep your child occupied it is well worth the wait. (It might be helpful to bring an activity for them to do.)  Also, since it is downtown, it can be tricky to find nearby parking.

Website and other important information:

Website: http://dameschickenwaffles.com/

Address: 317 Main St., Durham, NC 27701

Phone Number: 919-682-WAFL (9235)


1. My sweet potato waffles

2. My husband's chicken wings
(So, we're not great food photographers, but trust us, it was yummy!)

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