Saturday, November 6, 2010

Six Plates

What it is: Last weekend, a few other moms and I decided that we really needed to get out.  We were feeling a little more adventurous and decided to head a bit further afield than we normally do.  We had heard of Six Plates and decided to check it out.  Six Plates is a Tapas and Wine Bar that serves six small plates of food "hence the name" that pair with six different wines.  They also have numerous other wines to choose from.

Six Plates is hidden on the back side of some newer buildings across from Duke's West Campus off of Erwin Road.  I would never have known that it was back there.  Once inside, us mommies really didn't know what to do with ourselves on an evening out without diaper bags in an establishment without kiddie meals.  We were supposed to seat ourselves and head up to the bar to order all of our food and goodies.  We had a great time!  This place was nice and laid back so we felt like we could really sit back, catch up, and have an adult conversation without being pulled across the playground from one another or having to attend to the latest toddler catastrophe.  They had some live jazz music playing in the corner which was enough to be relaxing, but not enough to drown out conversation. 

The food and wine were also delicious.  Their food is somewhat upscale and combines ingredients that we would never think of pairing together, yet they were wonderful!  Some of our favorites were the flatbread covered with sweet potato puree and almonds, the carrot cake with goat and cream cheese frosting, and the flight of ice creams from Maple View Farms that we were able to choose ourselves.  Of course, the wines were also fabulous.

What we liked: Since we are a bit removed from the late night scene it was nice to be at a place that was a little more laid back.  We enjoyed having the evening to sit, relax, and talk with each other without feeling like we were rushed.  The food was also delicious and interesting to try.

What we would change: You just walk in and find a place to sit, so on a crowded evening it can be hard to find a place to sit.  In addition, the food and wine can be a bit expensive.

Website and other important information:


Address: 2812 Erwin Rd, Durham, NC 27705

Phone Number: (919) 321- 0203

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 4pm-?? (The kitchen is open until midnight.)


(Our flatbread dish)

(A view from our couch)

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chapelhillmom said...

We love them because of they actually have a Happy Hour for mommies to bring in kids!
Not that we suggest imbibing tons of alcohol while caretaking, but a little sip and some great food won't hurt! So glad you guys liked it too!

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