Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jump Zone

What it is: With all of this cold winter weather, we've been dying to check out some new indoor places where the kids can get some energy out.  We found another great one not too far away in Cary, The Jump Zone.  I was a bit concerned about the fact that it was in Cary, but turns out it's just about a 15 minute drive down Hwy 55 from our location in South Durham.  It is an indoor play area filled with large inflatable slides, bouncy castles, etc.  They also have a small toddler area with some slides and soft cushions to play on, air hockey tables, a concession stand, and a place to eat-not a bad way to spend a cold afternoon.  They are also available for birthday and other parties with separate rooms for the celebrations.

What we liked: It was large enough that there was plenty of space for our kids to run.  My son wanted to spend some time simply running around in circles and there was enough room for that.  The inflatables were great for all different ages and bravery levels.  While my 2.5 year old son went in a few of the bouncy castles, went up the slides with me, and hung out at the entrances of all of the structures, there were kids as old as 10 that were completely entertained and ran around on their own.  In addition, while there were some older kids there, when we went it wasn't crowded and our small kids weren't overwhelmed.

This could be a great activity to pair with Paint Your Pot which is located in the same shopping center.  Since Paint Your Pot is a short activity for most toddlers, you can head over to Jump Zone afterward to get out some energy.

What we would change: If your child won't go in the bouncy structures, then there's not much for them to do there.  In addition, with a cautious child like mine, I had to go in a lot of the inflatables with him.  This can be problematic if you have a second child with you or you can't climb yourself for some reason.  The price is also a little high at $8 per child over two.  **However, if you join their club for free online they do give you a two for one admission pass that you can use to check it out--that's what we did.

Website and other important information:


Address: 2723 NC Hwy 55, Cary, NC 27519

Phone Number: (919) 249-7320

Hours: (Check their calendar for exact open play hours, but typically they are: Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm,  Sunday 11am-6pm, Friday Family Fun Night 6pm-8:30pm, Special Needs Tuesday 6:30pm-8:30pm


1. A view of all of the inflatables

2. The concession stand

3. The small child play area

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