Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three-fer Thursday-Hope Valley Baptist Church Playground+Chubby's Tacos+Pineywood

Today's Three-fer Thursday is an old stand-by for the Stir-Crazy Moms.  Whenever we have last-minute playgroup planning, an unexpected free morning, or even a free hour in between errands, this is where we end up.  It's also where we run into each other unexpectedly, and then unexpectedly end up spending the rest of the day together.

Hope Valley Baptist Church Playground + Chubby's Taco's + Pineywood

As I said, this is an easy one.  It's perfect for a great-weather day (remember how last week this stir crazy mom was dreaming about nice weather?  well, I still am) or even a temperate weather-day.  You will be outside, regardless, so pack accordingly.

Start at Hope Valley Baptist playground.  It's usually fairly deserted between 9:00 and 10:00 am on weekdays (unless we're there).  You can have the whole place to yourself or bring friends.  There are great little picnic tables there, as well, so remember to pack a mid-morning snack for your little one.  You can spend at least an hour here, but we've gone as long as two or two and a half on a pleasant day.

When the kiddos get antsy cross the street and go to lunch at Chubby's tacos.  Grab a cheese quesadilla for your little one and some carnitas for yourself. If you need a sweet, ask for some horchata and share it with your toddler.  Just avoid the fish tacos.  Delicious, but bad mojo.  Trust me on this one. 
After you've all had a bit of a rest, drive down Woodcroft Parkway towards Fayetteville Rd.  Cross it and turn in to Pineywood Park on your right.  You can spend another two hours here if you're lucky.  The equipment is completely different than Hope Valley Baptist's, there are trails and woods for exploring, and there's a lovely dog park to do some observation.

If you're feeling ambitious and athletic, you can walk/run/bike this whole Three-fer.  Park and stow your gear at the Food Lion parking lot by Chubby's Tacos.  Walk to Hope Valley, play there, have lunch, and then pack your gear for the trek to Pineywood.  You can walk/run/bike the entire way through the Woodcroft Trails  Chubby's and Pineywood aren't more than a few miles apart.  Just remember:  you've got to come back!

when to go:  anytime, really.  That's why this is a go-to spot.
what to bring:  all the usual pre-schooler supplies.  If you're planning on walking/running/biking it, make sure to pack accordingly.
what it'll cost you:  you can eat at Chubby's for under $10.  Everything else is free!!  (This one is a cheapie, hence it's "go-to" status.)
advisories:  check the weather, especially if you're hitting the trails.


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