Saturday, January 15, 2011

Triangle Mommies

What it is: I have heard about this group for a while now, and I always wanted to check it out.  So, recently, I headed online and joined Triangle Mommies.  It's a free online community for moms in the triangle area, and it's part of a larger organization called the Mommies Network that has local organizations all over the country.

I've been trying to check out all of the advantages that Triangle Mommies has to offer for moms in the area, and I feel like I've only scratched the surface.  When I initially signed up online and within the first few days I received several welcome e-mails, one from the leader of the group of Triangle Mommies and one from a "Big Sister" that is assigned to welcome each member to the organization and see if they had any questions.  I felt so welcome.

Since then, I've been exploring the organization and all that it has to offer with the help of my new Triangle mommy friends.  One of the aspects of the site that I've found the most useful is the forums offering advice and a place to have questions.  They have forums for support, to share information, and in countless different categories that a mom would find useful such as "events and happenings", "homeschool", "breastfeeding", "babies and toddlers", and many more.  In addition, not all the groups are about mom-related topics.   There's also an online chat option, a calendar, a recipe database, and smaller specific usergroups.

The calendar lists a variety of events that they organize where mommies in the Triangle can get together-playdates, coffee meetings, playgrounds, and other fun gatherings.  Some are for particular age groups of kids, others for specific geographic areas, and some are open to everyone. 

This is the point of view of someone who just joined the organization.  While I've had some help in writing this from another member, I'd love to hear more about it from others who know more.  So, if you'd like to add what you like about Triangle Mommies, please let us know.

What I liked: I didn't realize how much this organization had to offer until I actually joined their website.  They offer so much support, and I can't wait to look into all that they have.  They were also so friendly and welcoming when I joined.   In addition, since you can join online you can have any level of involvement that you choose, from solely interacting online to attending many events and meeting people face to face.

What I would change: I haven't been a member of the organization long so I haven't found anything I would change.  However, the website is a little difficult to navigate for someone who isn't familiar with the page.


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Anonymous said...

My only problem with Triangle Mommies was it seemed pretty anti-Dad. Dads aren't allowed to come to most events, and in fact they place Dads in the same category as nannies. I'm still looking for a group that cater to both parents.

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