Friday, March 4, 2011

Food Truck Round-Up: Johnny's of Carrboro

What it is:  What's better than new and different delicious food?  How about delicious food that can travel to a different spot every meal?  That's the great thing about food trucks.  We love hearing about all of the different trucks in Durham and then heading out to try them.  The food truck round ups are one of the best ways to sample all of the food truck treats in one place.  These round ups aren't scheduled on a regular basis, but you can find out about them through various sources online such as twitter or facebook and websites such as or

Once you find out about one like the round up at Johnny's, you head out and expect to find some yummy treats.  You can head from truck to truck sampling what they have to offer from burgers and sliders and tacos and hot dogs to crepes.  Yum!  My son enjoyed a grilled cheese from Will and Pops while I had a hot dog from Joey D's, and my husband had some tacos from the taco truck.  We topped it all off with apple crumb cake from Local Cookie.  Everything was delicious.

What we liked: The food trucks serve delicious, creative food, and it makes for a fun eating environment for kids.  They have lots of different choices if there are several food trucks in one place.  In addition, my son loves the concept of a food truck.  Ever since we visited Blue Sky Dining for dinner he gets excited every time we talk about them.  He loves wandering around and looking at all the trucks.  To top it all off, when you eat at the food trucks, you're supporting local businesses.

What we would change: There are two choices when you're going to visit one of these food truck gatherings, go early or go late.  They each have their drawbacks.  If you go early, right when they start, there seem to be pretty significant lines at the trucks and little ones can get fidgety.  However, if you go late, at least if you went late to this most recent gathering at Johnny's, most of the trucks were sold out.  So, there wasn't nearly as much selection as there was at the beginning of the day.

Website of other important information: To find out information about the food truck gatherings, check out the sites listed above.  For information about current food truck locations,
check out:


 1. Will and Pops takes an order

2. Slippin' Sliders' big blue truck

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Laura Burrell said...

A food truck that has "creative menu" is going to have a line! I would suggest you and your guest wait in two separate lines and the opportunity to try to two great meals without spending time in two lines!

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Our goal is to get you operational WITH a Custom Food truck or cart within 90 days without breaking your bank! Carts are monster sized, with great kitchens and a VERY ECONOMICAL way to get into the industry!

Laura Burrell
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