Monday, May 30, 2011

Dreamsports Sports Classes

What it is:  Dreamsports is a 56,000 square indoor facility offering sports classes for kids starting at age 18 months and camps for older kids.  Sports classes include soccer, baseball/tee-ball, basketball, football, in-line skating and hockey.  They also have a game arcade room, snack bar and a pro-shop selling basic equipment.

We took the 'Mini Pros Piglets' parent/child class for 2 -3 year olds.  This class gives kids an opportunity to sample 4 to 5 sports instead of focusing on only one. The programs range from 7 to 10 weeks long.  The class we took was 7 weeks long and we played tee-ball, basketball, soccer and flag football. Each class was 45 minutes long.

What we liked:  It was a great way to expose our nearly 3 year old son to a variety of sports in a safe environment.  The facilities were really nice and the classes included a good variety of 2-3 skills focused on each sport, games such as red/light green light and of course bubbles.  For example, in the basketball class we practiced passing, shooting and dribbling.  In the baseball class we practiced throwing, catching and batting.  We were also able to make up classes in the regularly scheduled soccer and basketball classes for toddlers instead of the Mini-Pros class.

What we would change: Since we only took 1 to 2 classes in each sport, it didn't really give my son  the ability to get comfortable or practice the skills in each sport.  When we attended the regularly scheduled soccer and basketball courses both the coaches and the classes seemed better.  The Mini Pros class we took normally met on Saturdays and was often very crowded.  The other classes we made up were during the week and much less crowded.  In addition, there was a lot of turnover in the coaches in our class so we never had the same coach more than once or twice.  This made it challenging and less personal since the coaches didn't know our son and he couldn't get familiar with just one coach. 

Website and other important information:
1016 Investment Blvd
Apex, NC
Phone: 919-387-2955

Cost: Varies depending on class but classes typically cost around $12 per class plus a membership fee of either $10 for the season or $25 for the year.  We paid $95 for the 7 week class which included the $10 seasonal membership fee.

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