Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Pit

What it is: Our family really enjoys checking out all of the BBQ restaurants in the area.  We've headed to Q-Shack, Bullocks, Allen & Sons, etc., (what have we missed??) but this time we decided to head over to Raleigh to The Pit.  We've been there several times and haven't added it to our Stir Crazy Moms list of restaurants, but this time we realized that it really is one of the few options for when you want to head out to a nicer restaurant with the kids.  It's a BBQ restaurant, but it is also a fairly nice restaurant.  The chef, Ed Mitchell actually competed against Bobby Flay in battle ribs, and they definitely do have some good ribs!

What we liked:  I think what made this one kid-friendly was the accessible kids menu, hush puppies and biscuits that come out right when you are seated to keep the little ones happy,  and waiters that accept kids and treat them kindly even though it is a more upscale restaurant.  In addition, the food is delicious!  The last time we came, my one year old son devoured ribs, pulled pork, hush puppies, fries, and countless other southern delicacies.  My 2 year old picky eater even loved the hush puppies with honey butter and ate all of his kids' meal hot dog.  While the kids were feasting the adults enjoyed some scupperdine sangria, pimento cheese burgers, ribs, BBQ fries, banana pudding, and lots of other great adult eats. 

What we would change: The only difficulty with the pit is the wait.  I would definitely get reservations because otherwise you can end up waiting for an hour even if you arrive at 5pm.  Plus, prices are a bit higher than your typical BBQ restaurant because it is just a little bit more upscale. 

Website and other important information: 


Address: 328 West Davie St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Phone: (919) 890-4500

Hours: Open Mon-Thu 11am-10pm; Fri-Sat 11am-11pm; Sun 11am-9pm

Photos: (Pictures to follow soon)

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Anonymous said...

Hilsborough BBQ Company recently opened. I tried that on Saturday night and it was amazing. Check it out! Better than the pit!

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