Monday, June 20, 2011

Jordan Lake: Seaforth Beach

In the heat of the North Carolina summer it can be tricky to figure out what to do with toddlers and babies so that they can get their energy out but not wilt in the blistering sun.  We usually frequent the mall play area, libraries, one of the indoor play areas, or the pool to keep ourselves cool.  Fortunately for us, we discovered or was reminded of another way to beat the heat today.

What it is: Today we headed down to Jordan Lake.  I'd been there before prior to baby #2, but I had remembered the beach I went to as being fairly sunny.  This time, we decided to check out a new beach to see if it could keep us cool.  We headed to Seaforth Beach.  After our morning there, our little group has decided that we might make a trip to the lake a weekly occurrence.  It was lovely!  Even though the temperatures were very firmly in the 90's today, it was the perfect destination.  There were picnic tables in the shade for our lunch, a sandy beach for castle and pit building, and a calm lake with a fairly large shallow portion perfect for toddler and even baby swimming.  There was also a large playground at one end that we did not have time to visit because we were having so much fun in the water as well as restrooms and outdoor showers to wash off all of the sand at the end of your visit.

What we liked:  We loved the fact that there were picnic tables in the shade as well as a picnic shelter for escaping form the heat.  In addition, the lake is the perfect type of water for little ones because of the zero entry and lack of waves.  Our toddlers could splash around and wander around in water they could stand up in, and my one year old son could crawl around in the shallows.  We also saw a couple of little fishies swimming around our feet as we swam which greatly amused the toddlers!  The playground is great for a non-water diversion, and the restrooms and showers are a nice touch.

What we would change: The one negative we had was the flies that found us while we were eating.  While the kids didn't seem bothered at all, they definitely found the adults' legs and gave us a few bites, ouch!  I definitely recommend bug spray.  In addition, it is a lake with no lifeguard so you have to make sure to keep a careful eye on your kids.  Even though there's a large shallow part, the water can get deeper quickly.  In addition, my son seemed very adept at crawling head first into the lake as quickly as he could, so we had to keep a watch on him at all times to keep him from drinking a little too much of the lake.  Oh, there's also a $6 parking fee, so it's not quite a free outing, but it's well worth the price!

Website and other important information: 


Address: You can find the exact location by searching for Seaforth, Jordan Lake, NC on google maps.  Here are the directions from Jordan Lake's website: The entrance to Seaforth is on US 64. Traveling west on US 64, go over the bridge on Jordan Lake. The Seaforth entrance is on the left.

Hours: 8am-9pm May-August, 8am-8pm September-April, 8am-6pm November-February


 1. A view of the beach

 2. A look back from the beach at the shaded picnic area

3. A view of the playground from a distance

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Anonymous said...

This is very helpful,.we went to the other swimming hole of Jordan Lake which is very muddy. WE will try Seaforth next time. Thanks for this Review Blog.

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