Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Three-Fer Thursday: Marbles + Imax + Roly Poly Sandwiches

Welcome back to one of our favorite features-Three-fer Thursdays!  Enjoy!

This three-fer Thursday is a great way to stay indoors on one of those sultry NC summer days.  Start your morning by going to Marbles museum (  Then head over to see a movie at the IMAX theatre (  Right now they have a documentary showing in 3D called “Born to be Wild” (  It’s a wonderful documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman about orphaned elephants in Kenya and orphaned orangutans in Borneo.  I took my 3 year old son to see it and he lasted 35 of the 45 minutes.  He even kept the 3D glasses until nearly the end of the movie at which point his attention was waning and they became a toy.    Then we headed back to Marbles for some more play.  We ended our morning with a delicious lunch at Roly Poly Sandwiches (  They are attached to the IMAX and thus conveniently located right next to Marbles.  They offer an enormous menu with yummy hot and cold wraps, soups, salads and kids meals.  It’s affordable, casual and very kid friendly. 
When to go:  Get to Marbles early at 9am when they open to beat the crowds.  Catch “Born to Be Wild” at 10am or 12pm or “The Ultimate Wave Tahiti” ( at 11am.  Then head back to Marbles for some more play or head over to lunch at Roly Poly.  You could always head back to Marbles after lunch as well since there is so much to see there.
What to bring:  Camera, normal diaper bag must-haves, light snacks and drinks
What it’ll cost you: You can buy a combo pass for IMAX and Museum entrance for $9.95 for kids and $12.95 for adults.  If you are a member of the museum the IMAX documentaries are buy one get one free.  Kids’ sandwiches at Roly Poly cost $2.95 or $3.95 with drink and pasta or potato salad.  Half sandwiches/wraps (6”) average about $4 and regular sandwiches/wraps (12”) average about $6.  So it is a very affordable lunch option.
Advisories: During the summer there a lot of summer camps and during the school year there are a lot of class field trips that visit the museum so it can get crowded around 10:30 or 11am.  But if you get there early enough you can beat the crowds and head to an IMAX movie as it starts to get more crowded. 

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SouthernPartHeaven said...

Love your three-fer-thursday ideas! we even posted over on our site as a resource! thanks for all of the great information, and for helping all of us Triangle Mommies be a little less Stir Crazy!

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