Monday, January 16, 2012

Broad Street Cafe: BSC Kids!

What it is:  We've been wanting to check out this Durham favorite for several years and were fortunate enough to head over this weekend. Broad Street Cafe is a restaurant, bar, and concert spot located, of course, on Broad Street, just North of Duke's East Campus.  They have countless fabulous opportunities to check out great music, but on select Sundays at 4:30pm they actually have an opportunity for kids to join in the fun!  BSC Kids brings musical entertainment geared toward kids to your family.

This Sunday Baron Von Rumblebuss was the featured group.  We went in not quite knowing what to expect.  It definitely didn't seem like a kids venue when we walked in.  It looked like a restaurant where adults go to eat, drink, and listen to great music, but on this Sunday afternoon it was filled with kids and families crowded at tables, sitting in front of the stage, and standing around in every available space.  It was a crowded, but festive atmosphere.  Then, the music started, it was definitely kids' music (one song in particular was about the lead singer's "boo-boo").  However, even though it was kids' music, it wasn't too sugar coated.  It sounded like fun rock music that I might actually enjoy listening to in the car.  Immediately after they started playing, kids started standing up and dancing around. They kept everyone's attention and put on a great show!

When we first walked in we knew we weren't going to find a seat, but that was okay because we weren't planning on eating.  We just found a corner with a stool and counter and settled in.  The boys didn't know what to think at first because it was a bit louder than they were used to.  Then, my oldest started saying something that I thought was "it's too loud", but turns out he was actually saying "down".  When I put him down he started dancing around with everyone else.  We got the boys a juice from the bar and Dad and I had a cider, and it was quite an enjoyable concert!  Now that we know what to expect, we can't wait to head back for more great kids' music that is also fun for the adults!

What we liked:  We liked the adult feeling of the venue with the upbeat kids' rock.  In looking around, no one was taking themselves too seriously and everyone was just having fun!  The event is free although you have to make sure to purchase drinks and food as well as tip to make sure that Broad Street Cafe can continue to offer this free event.

What we would change:  It was a bit crowded, so we definitely would have gotten their earlier so we could have found a place to sit or gather closer to the stage.

Website and other important information:


Address: 1116 Broad Street, Durham, NC 27705

Shows are at 4:30 on select Sundays, so you can check their webpage for specific dates.


1. Baron Von Rumblebuss performs for a packed house!

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John said...

Just an FYI... we've got four kids' shows left this season (the kids' program is a "cold weather" thing to give folks something to do to get out of the house when winter weather tends to keep you inside):

2/5 - The Waterlilies
2/19 - Sandbox
3/4 - Mother Goose
3/18 - Big Bang Boom

Since one of our "things" is music, the kids' shows do tend to be music oriented - some of them a bit larger and louder and some of them a bit more subdued. For those wanting something other than a band... Mother Goose on 3/4 would be a good alternative.

John Hite
Co-Owner, The Broad Street Cafe

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