Wednesday, January 18, 2012


What it is:  We were so glad when another great restaurant opened up in one of our favorite corners of Durham, just at the intersection of 15-501 and University.  Nanataco is a delicious place to get a taco with a variety of regular meat fillings or Nanataco's specialty "dirty meats" much as lamb cheeks or duck.  My husband tried the duck while I went with the more traditional fish tacos.  The kids' option was a taco with your choice of fillings with rice and beans and a drink for $4, but we split a regular cheese quesadilla between my picky eaters instead.  To top it all off we got their guacamole for a pre-lunch treat.

Let me just start by saying that their guacamole was the best guacamole I've had in Durham, even beating out Dos Perros who does a pretty awesome guacamole.  When we first got our meals we weren't sure what the kids would eat because the quesadilla was huge, overflowing with cheese.  However, my kids realized what was good and eventually they started chowing down.  They also enjoyed the chips.  My husband and I really enjoyed our entrees and the homemade corn tortillas they were made with.  None of our family members were that sold on the rice or beans that came with the meals, I would get an extra helping of the guacamole instead.  They also have a really interested relish and condiment bar including things like several different kinds of salsa, cilantro, limes, onion, cucumber with onion, and even more.  Nanataco also has milkshakes in flavors such as mexican chocolate and margaritas that I can't wait to head back and try.

What we liked:  Like I said, we loved the guacamole.  We also like how they really use some different ingredients and do some different things with tacos, but they still have options for kids and people with a less adventurous palate.  In addition, they have some nice patio seating for when the weather is nicer and a fun lizard weathervane for the kids to watch.  As we've mentioned its proximity to Rockwood Park, Bull City Craft, and Local Yogurt make its location optimal for several hours of fun.

What we would change: As we said, the rice and beans weren't spectacular.  Plus, parking is a little tight, but other than that it's a great addition to this little corner of Durham.

Website and other important information:


Address: 2512 University Dr.

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 11am-9pm (Closed Monday)


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