Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three-fer Thursday: Scratch+Main Library Storytime+Duke Park

Hooray!  It's time for another Three-fer Thursday!  This time, we're taking a trip to Downtown Durham!  It seems that everyday a new great place is popping up downtown, and we're excited to check them all out.  This time we're starting off with one of our favorite morning treats at Scratch Bakery.  We would park at the Main Library on Roxboro and walk on over because there's not much parking near Scratch and it's only a few minutes walk.  Head on in and get a donut muffin for you and the kiddos as well as some coffee for you.  (To head from the library to Scratch, head out to Roxboro St.  From there we headed diagonally across the courthouse parking lot to Parrish St.  Then, we took Parrish to Orange St. where Scratch is.  If you don't feel like heading across a parking lot, just head back down South on Roxboro to Main.  Then you can take Main to Mangum to Parrish where you'll see Scratch just ahead on Orange St.)

Once you've had your sweet fix, head back over to the library for a storytime of your choice.  They have plenty to choose from, or you can just head over to check out their large children's section complete with lots of puzzles, some comfy chairs where you can sit and read, some little tables and chairs, and of course, a great selection of kids books to choose from.  Check out their website to find a storytime (  There's usually one on most days of the week, so you can probably find one to fit your schedule.

After you've had a little book time, hop back in the car and head a few miles up the road on Roxboro to Duke Park for a little exercise in the great outdoors.  If you head North on Roxboro, you'll see signs pointing you toward the left turn that will take you to this park.  It  has lots of room to run and the largest play structure
with the tallest slides that we've found in town!  A great finale to a great morning in Downtown Durham!

When to go: You really could do this Three-fer anytime of day.  Scratch has fabulous donut muffins for breakfast but also yummy lunch fare.  The Main Library has primarily morning storytimes, but there are some that can be found in the afternoon.  Duke Park is great for play anytime.

What it'll cost you: Duke Park is free.  The Main Library storytimes are free.  The only money you'll have to pay for this Three-fer is for your treat at Scratch.  If you stick with the donut muffins, they'll cost you around $2 per muffin.

What to bring: Bring your diaper bag necessities, playground gear, and a stroller for walking from the library to Scratch.

Advisories: If you do attempt this Three-fer, don't forget that Scratch isn't open on Mondays.

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