Friday, February 3, 2012

Food Truck Fridays: Monuts Donuts

Hooray, it's Friday!  With the weekend comes one of our favorite features-Food Truck Fridays!  Here's our latest report about a fabulous food "truck" that makes it's appearance at the Durham Farmer's Market every other Saturday.  Thanks to Katie at Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven for imparting all of her food truck wisdom-Enjoy!

I confess, my friends would not call me a donut lover.  In the past, if I mentioned a donut, everyone assumed I was pregnant (and they were correct).    In fact, a close friend of mine even ventured to say that I do not qualify as Southern, because I don't like donuts.  And then, today, I tried Monuts Donuts, and oh. my. goodness.  I am in love!

Before I tell you about these delicious treats, let me tell you a little about Monuts.  Monuts Donuts is new on the food scene in the Triangle--and it isn't a brick and mortar shop; it isn't a food truck; it's a Donut Bicycle!  Seriously!  They pedal these donuts around town! (okay, we think that a car must be involved somewhere along the way, as they pedal in Raleigh at Rebus Works, but still, what a fabulous and fun concept!!!)  Proprietor Lindsay Moriarty uses the Cookery in Durham to prepare the donuts.

Now, on to the donuts: the flavors change weekly, and they have both yeast and cake donuts.  Today,  I had the brand new chocolate frosted donut for breakfast.  It was just the right consistency and sweet enough, without being overwhelming.    We also tried out the apple cider cinnamon and the lemon pistachio.  Delicious!  In case you are wondering (as I was) the donuts are deep fried.  I was convinced they weren't because they don't leave any fatty aftertaste.  I know that tastes in food vary widely, but this former donut-hater loves them!  In fact, I'm thinking of following their advice and ordering some for breakfast over Thanksgiving!  Yum!   (and by the way, according to their blog, you can order a dozen unglazed donuts and a glazing kit--then you can pop them in the oven, glaze them yourself, and have your own hot donuts!!!)

Here's what you need to know:

Monuts Donuts

You can generally find them on Saturday mornings at the Durham Farmers' Market, but make sure you follow them on twitter @monutsdonuts for news and updated locations!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Lindsey is a sweetie and deserves the kind reviews! Her donuts are awesome and she's so passionate about her business! It's great to see it such a success (and I could eat those donuts all day long!)

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