Monday, February 27, 2012

Kids Everywear

What it is: So, kids clothes can be expensive, and amazingly enough they keep needing them as they get bigger.  However, I've discovered something that helps...consignment sales.  Turns out, lots of kids clothes have lots of wear left in them when the kiddos outgrow them, so it's great to have a way that the  clothes and other gear can get passed along to other kids that need them for a more reasonable price.

Kids Everywear is a consignment sale that fills up the empty stores in the Morrisville Outlet Mall twice a year.  Not only can you buy toys, baby gear, shoes, and kids and adult clothing, you can consign all of your old kids gear and make some money.  For the past several years I have bought almost all of my sons' wardrobes at this consignment sale.  Their selection is huge, and many of the items are very high quality, some even with tags still on them. They also have a huge selection of toys, strollers, and any other kid gear that you can possibly imagine.

The sale has several days that are open to the public for shopping.  However, you can come even earlier and get an opportunity to look over the best selection if you volunteer or consign.  Today, I went and shopped early as a "friend of a consigner" and found everything I was looking for.

What we liked:  We like the selection and we like the price of Kids Everywear.  We also like that it is a great way to pass along your used kid gear and clothing once you're done with it.

What we would change: We wish that it was available with this kind of selection all year round and we didn't have to wait.

Website and other important information:


Address: Morrisville Outlet Mall, 1001 Airport Blvd, Morrisville, NC 27560-8935

*Check website for fall and spring dates and specific days when various groups can shop.
2012 dates open to everyone to shop are Friday March 2-Monday March 5.

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