Friday, March 2, 2012

Food Truck Friday: Pie Pushers

Thanks again to Katie from Southern Part of Heaven for bringing us another fabulous Food Truck Friday!  This time she checked out Pie Pushers for some delicious pizza.  

Read the review to make your mouth water, then put Sunday, March 11 on your calendar because that is the next Food Truck Rodeo in Durham Central Park.  You can head over to the park between 1:30pm-5:30pm to sample Pie Pushers or 28 other food truck vendors.  Yay!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try pizza from Pie Pushers during the monthly RTP Food Truck Rodeo!  I had wanted to for awhile as I had read their story:  the owners, Mike and Becky, have joined their culinary and business backgrounds, to bring us really great pizzas.  
All of the menu items looked fantastic, but I went with the Local Farmhand slice, featuring sausage from Durham's own Farmhand Foods, as well as mushrooms, fresh garlic and mozzarella.  The crust is recipe is Mike and his Mom's--and it doesn't disappoint. Thin crust with just enough crunch, they call it "Durham-Style." Love it!  They have so many other options as well.  You can view their full menuhere.   (the Local Farmhand is one of the daily slices, so it isn't available everyday.)

In terms of prices, I thought they were perfectly fair. Specialty slices run between $3 and $5 per slice.  Keep in mind that these slices are huge.  In fact, in our house, they'd probably pass for at least two, if not three slices of a whole pizza. Whole pies start at $9 for 16 inch with two toppings and $6 for an 8 inch with 1 topping.   The menu doesn't stop there, though--they've got garlic knots, salads and both water and soda, with the drinks coming in at $1 each. 

Here's to fabulous pizza, and local business, all wrapped up into one great pie!

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