Tuesday, June 5, 2012

500 Posts.

My husband and I got married and moved to Durham about ten years ago.  We had a great time exploring Durham as two single people and a dog.  Then, we moved away for a few years.  When we got back to good ol' Durham things weren't the same.  We brought my son who was eight months old at the time, and I had decided to stay at home with him so I was not working.  I knew Durham, but I didn't know Durham through the eyes of a parent, I didn't know if our favorite restaurants had kids menus or high chairs, and I had never even been to the Museum of Life and Science!

I was hanging out with my playgroup one afternoon which just so happens to be some of the greatest moms I could have happened to meet.  We were all new to the parent-in-Durham scene and were contemplating how great it would be if we had somewhere we could go to find out about where we could take kids in Durham, how kid-friendly certain places are, etc.  So, with their help I created Stir Crazy Moms.

It has been a great several years.  Somewhere along the line I had another wonderful son, and together my boys and I have explored almost every corner of Durham and a good portion of the rest of the Triangle.  The other Stir Crazy Moms have been with me every step of the way whether they are coming with me on another one of my crazy adventures, agreeing to write another post after I've hassled them about that great new place they checked out, or listened to my endless conversations about all things blog-related. (Thank you, thank you Abby, Danielle, Sarah, Mary, Scott, etc.)

So, here we are 500 posts later, and the greatest part of all of this has been meeting all of the other great moms in Durham.  It really is a special community in which to raise kids.  Durhamites have a unique way sticking together, and I have definitely noticed this in the mom community.  I have loved hearing from all of our readers, I'm happy when I can help all of you with something, and I have learned so much from all of you.  All of you have helped to make the blog what it is today and are all part of the wonderful Stir Crazy Moms community.

Where do we get to go from here?  You get to help me decide.  Please keep letting me know about great places you've found to check out, details that have been missed, or other things you'd like to see on the blog.  I can't and wouldn't want to do this blog without all of the wonderful readers, so keep reading, and here's to 500 more!

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G Wolf said...

This is definitely one of my favorite blogs (as a Dad, not a Mom, but we get stir crazy sometimes too!). Keep up the great posts!

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