Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rock Quarry Park (Edison Johnson)

What it is: We already had a post on Edison Johnson Recreation Center and its playground both of which are located within the bounds of Rock Quarry Park.  However, when we reported on it's indoor pool (which has reopened since the time of our last post) and the outdoor playground, we left out one key feature.  Rock Quarry Park also has a sprayground!  When we headed over there last week to have some water fun, I checked the blog and I was shocked that this feature hadn't been mentioned yet.

So, now we're mentioning it.  Rock Quarry park is located right next to The Museum of Life and Science.  Next to the playground there is a great sprayground area with several fountain jets that periodically spray out of the ground, and several misting and spraying gates that the kids can run through.  It kept my boys busy for at least an hour with no breaks for rest or snack or anything.

In addition to the recreation center, playground, and sprayground, Rock Quarry park also has tennis courts and a youth baseball field.

What we liked:  We like the fact that Rock Quarry Park has so many amenities.  It has the indoor pool, the playground, and the sprayground.  It was nice because the kids could play in the sprayground, hang out on the playground once they dried off, and even head in to Edison Johnson for a quick potty break when it was needed.

What we would change: There is very little shade at Rock Quarry Park.  There's a little patch of grass on the edge of the playground where we set our blankets, but it was completely in the sun and got a little hot.  Don't worry, if you get too warm you can just jump in the fountains with the kiddos!

Website and other important information:


Address: 500 WEST MURRAY AVENUE 27704


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G Wolf said...

Thanks for the tip. We're trying it out today!

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